• One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

    Our modular platform enables merchants worldwide to engage with their customer faster accros different channels with a personal touch.

  • Products

    Our modular platform offers merchants unlimited possibilities to engage with their customers

    User Identification and Authentification

    Our core system is focussed on user identification and user authentification. Based on this core solution, we provide merchants with our white-label apps and SDKs for mobile payment, mobile loyalty, couponing, gift cards and much more.

    Mobile Payment

    Integrate our mobile payment solution either through our SDK or with our white-label app. We fully customize the SDK or app to meet your specifications. Your POS can be easily integrated with our backend and all payments are forwarded to the payment service provider of your choice.

    Mobile Loyalty

    Engage with your most valuable customers

    Use our customer loyalty solution, integrate your own or just allow customers to add a loyalty card to our white-label app or our customized SDK. Our open platform helps to provide your customers a smooth transition from your legacy system to our solution.

    Location-Based Services

    Engage with your customers at the right time in the right place

    Our marketing platform allows merchants to engage with their customers at pre-defined times and based on locations. Merchants can choose between locations based on geo-coordinates, beacons and WiFi.

    Individual Features

    Choose from a wide range of features to meet your needs

    Merchants can choose from a wide range of features like, shopping list, product information, customer magazines and many more to customize our white-label app or SDK. We can easily connect your existing APIs with our platform and make your data available in our white-label app or through the SDK.